Cressi R30-R50 Speargun Reel


Cressi Speargun Reel. Spearfishing reel that has a dovetail mounting system for guns in the Cherokee and Comanche speargun families.


Cressi R30-R50 Speargun Reel

Cressi R30-R50 Speargun Reel. Reel of sturdy construction that combines the resistant Delrin material with assembly elements in AISI316 stainless steel.

The reel model is constructed from a single piece of Delrin which is worked by a high precision lathe. There are no welds, to ensure excellent performance and long life.

Mechanism of stainless steel and body of the roller in Delrin to guarantee a great structural rigidity, vital to avoid chafing or blockages. Plate, guide, roller axis and screws in AISI316 stainless steel. Integrated spool to prevent the line from escaping from the drum. Wire guide eyelet for homogeneous distribution in the collection phase. Adjustable brake to prevent the bobbin from freeing excessively in the emptying phase and accelerating excessively, causing too much thread to be emptied. Reinforced carriage guide.

Dovetail mounting for quick assembly, compatible with many Cressi spearguns models.



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Reel 50, Reel 30