Wreck Diving 

OBX Wreck Dives

Roanoke Island Dive Shop


$50 Per Person

OBX beach dives are a great way to gain experience diving in the ocean off the NC coast without the depth of our boat dives.

Each dive is guided by a Divemaster or Instructor. As with every dive, you need to be able to correctly set up your own equipment, know your sizes, and how much weight you need.  We recommend @5% of your body weight with a 3mm wetsuit or 10% with a 5mm wetsuit.  (this is an estimate and you may need more or less.). You will need to have logged a dive within the past year or sign up for a refresher class beforehand.

1.  These may be perfect for you if: You are a certified diver and want  ocean dive experience without the depth. (These are not BABY dives however as there is surge and a 150yd kick out to the wreck. You need a strong kick.)

2.  If it has been longer than 12 months since your last dive you will need to sign up for a Refresher Diver Class.

3.  Are VERY comfortable in the ocean.

4.  Any diver who wants the experience of a beach dive.

5. You are in good physical condition and can walk @50 yards across the beach with your equipment on (50lbs), are flexible enough to put your fins on in the ocean, and can fin out about 150 yards on the surface.

If you show up at the beach and cannot remember how to correctly set up your equipment, you will not be allowed to dive and will not receive a refund of your dive fees. This is for your safety and consideration of others on the dive.  We have a Refresher Diver Check Out Class to refresh your dive skills or just stop by the shop to practice.

All of our beach dives are guided, and all of our guides are experienced, insured, and active NAUI Instructors or Divemasters.

On these dives, we guide you to the wreck site and run a wreck reel for you to follow. You will need to come with a dive buddy or team up with another diver. Junior divers need to have an experienced diver with them.

We  dive in Kill Devil Hills or Nags Head.

Times: changes seasonally but we usually meet at 7:00AM

We are a full-service dive shop and rent all the equipment you need for SCUBA diving.

Rental gear is additional. If you give us your sizes when you book, we will bring a selection of dive gear with us to save you running up and down the beach. Of course, you can always stop by the shop the day before the dive to try on the gear. You will need GLOVES for this dive as it is a metal wreck with sharp edges.  We do not rent gloves but you can purchase the on our on line store and we will bring them to dive site.