Cressi FG1 Pole Spear


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  • Pole spear made in fiberglass to ensure lightness and speed while underwater.
  • The pole is 92.5 cm | 36 in long and has a diameter of 13 mm. With the paralyzer tip the total length is 123 cm | 48.5 in.
  • The bottom end is rounded with a hole for the rubber sling.
  • The top ends with a male fitting of 6 mm and two spanner flats that allows tightening using a wrench.
  • The rubber sling is made using a Ø 9 mm OD latex tube with cord inside, installed to the hole.
  • The latex tube length is 76 cm | 30 in, cord length is 22 cm | 8.5 in: total length of 98 cm | 38.6 in.
  • Paralyzer tip composed of 3 tiny barb prongs, 30.5 cm | 12 in long, is included.