Sea Spring Coil lanyard with split ring



Sea Spring Coil lanyard with split ring

This versatile Spring Coil Lanyard or shock line can be used as a safety lanyard on most diving accessories, knives, cameras, lights, slates, spear guns etc. Lanyard is strong and durable with a 150 lbs (68kg) test strength, so no matter what you attach it to, it’s going to stay put! When spear fishing sometimes we miss a fish or we shoot a large fish and the recoil or pull of the animal can pull the gun out of our grip, whichever the case makes sure you always use a gun equipped with a Sea Spring Coil Lanyard. Lanyard come equipped with a split ring on each end for direct attachment to accessory or spear shaft line and gun. Lanyard make a great save-a-dive-kit item. The lanyard is available in multiple lengths depending on your equipment needs and uses.

Sea Spring Coil Lanyard with Split Rings Features

  • Sea Spring Coil Lanyard w/Split Rings:
  • Great to Attach Dive Accessories
  • Used as Safety Lanyard for:
    Dive Accessories
    Knives & Cameras
    Lights & Slates
    Spear Guns etc.
  • Strong & Durable: 150 lbs (68kg) Test Strength
  • Stainless Steel Split Rings for Attachment to Accessories & Spear Shaft/Line
  • Spear Fishing:
    Absorbs Gun Recoil
    Used for Shooting Big Fish

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14.5", 18"

Availability Now available in-store at
627 US Highway 64 Manteo 27954

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