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Tovatec’s new Ultraviolet underwater light (UV01) will bring the reef to life! The 395nm LED creates an amazing fluorescent effect. The UV light is almost invisible to the naked eye, so only the fluorescent colors are revealed. This light feature some of the functions of the Fusion light series including an adjustable beam angle and versatile battery options. Its size makes it easy to take along on any dive. Light has an option of 12 Degree to 100 Degree beam angle allowing you to observe a large area or a more concentrated beam for pinpoint observations of fluorescent proteins.

Science has discovered corals contain fluorescent proteins invisible to the naked eye that jump into view using innovative high intensity fluoro-lights. Chemical compounds contained in the tissue of these animals (mostly corals) react to the UV light causing them to fluoresce in brilliant reds, purples and greens. The results can be quite amazing. Recently, advances in technology have made possible a new version of the UV LED which has a wavelength just outside the spectrum of visible light at about 395 (nm). This LED still causes marine life to put on their fluorescent show but since it is nearly invisible to the naked eye, only the glowing colors are revealed. The reef is still bathed in UV light you just can’t see it!

Light is powered by a rechargeable 18650 lithium-ion battery and comes with a battery cradle and USB cable. The UV light (UV01) has a 4-hour burn time when fully charged. The light measures (L x Dia.) 6.3 x 1.46″ (16 x 3.7cm), weighs 9.17 oz (260g) without battery, has a on/off switch mechanism, is made from anodized aircraft aluminum and is depth rated to 328′ (100meters).

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