Dive Rite BX2 Handheld Light


The Dive Rite BX2 Underwater Light is powerful, reliable, and simple – everything that a top-notch diving light should be.

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Dive Rite BX2 Handheld Light

Powerful, reliable, and simple, the Dive Rite BX2 Handheld Light is everything that a top-notch diving light should be. Building on the highly rated BX1, the BX2  incorporates the latest LED technology into a stronger and more refined package.

The CREE XP-L High Intensity LED and smooth reflector produce a  crisp, tight hot spot ideal for signaling or peering under a reef ledge, while still providing a wide halo of light with enough side spill to light up a room.

The compact body has been completely redesigned to incorporate a knurled grenade pattern for a secure grip even with gloved hands. Thickened body walls offer increased strength and durability and  make the light feel as good as it looks. The hard coat anodized  aluminum body uses double O-ring seals to keep out the wet stuff.

The included lanyard keeps the light close at hand, and a castled end cap design with recessed tie point allows the light to tail stand, should you find yourself gearing up in the dark. The light is powered by a single, high capacity 3400mAH 18650 Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery which is  included along with a cord-free wall charger. The battery is easy to change and replacement 18650 batteries are widely available. A direct drive system provides over an hour of peak brightness and then slowly tapers for an additional 2+ hours as the battery drains.